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The Nineteenth Year Of My Life - Intro

I watch as he slowly pulls a knife out of the kitchen drawer, he stops for a second, longingly gazing at the door, he then turns to me and says
“Do you know what’s about to happen?” I shake my head from side to side, in confusion
“Any second now they’re going to come crashing through that door and try to kill us.”
“W-w-what? Who?” I stuttered as I clambered up as fast as a rocket onto my feet.
“The people I ripped off Skye.” It was dead silent for a bit, then I snapped,
“Oh for fucks sakes Paul, Why couldn’t of you just given them what they wanted? You damn well knew they were apart of a gang. Jesus Christ, we need to get out of here now Paul.”
“I don’t think we can, they’re probably out there waiting.”
“What the fuck are we going to do then?”
“We’re going to have to fight them.”
“What!? No we’re not!”
“We’ll have more of a chance of dying if we don’t.”  I paced up and down the room for a bit then stormed over to the bench and grabbed a cigarette out of the packet lying there, and then lit it. I paced around some more in anger then threw my but to the floor and stomped it
“Ugh for fucks sakes, I’m going to go sit on the roof for some fresh air.” I stormed over to the window and heaved it open.
“Skye I don’t think that’s a …” Paul stuttered, a gunshot finished the end of his sentence. I felt a bullet wiz past the left side of my head, I collapse to the floor in shock, I felt Paul run over to me and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his long brown hair brushing against my skin.
“Its okay, I won’t let them hurt you.”  His voice whispered gently in my ear. Sobbing I quickly grabbed his pale white hand with mine.
“What are we going to do?” He looked at me with his bright blue eyes and said
“I think I have an idea”
He walked quickly over to the phone and started dialling a number.
“You’re not ringing the cops are you?! If you did, they’d take you away!”
“Skye, calm down please, I’m not calling the cops, that’d be silly.” He continued to dial a number.
“Hey its Paul, is Emily there? Alright then” He was silent for a moment then he began to talk again.
“Hey Emily, its Paul, I need you to do something for me. There’s a bunch of people coming to kill me because I ripped them off. Alright, thank you.”  He hung up.
“What’s Emily going to do?” I asked,
“You’ll see darling.”

I flicked my long blond hair out of my face then wiped the tears from my dark brown eyes. I clambered to my feet then walked over to Paul, he was lighting a cigarette I wrapped my arms around his waste
“I love you so much you know”
“I know you do, I love you too, more than I have ever loved anyone else in this world”
He then turned around and kissed me on the lips.

Little did he know under all these baggie cloths I was 5 and a half months pregnant.